BAFA Contemporary
105 New Bond St, Mayfair, London W1S 1DN
20 June– 28 September 2018


BAFA Contemporary is proud to present its major summer exhibition, Liu Bolin: Vanishing Point, the world renowned Chinese artist’s first solo exhibition in the UK.
Showcasing previously unseen photographic works, Vanishing Point explores Bolin’s signature method of using complicated and precise hand-painted camouflage to blend into painted backdrops, whilst continuing to raise questions about visibility, concealment, consumerism and the environment.
Evolving from his acclaimed series at Art Basel, Bolin’s latest work engages the viewer by allowing them to distinguish him amongst several vivid backgrounds; including beer cans, English bank notes and coins. Recognised as one of the most imaginative and engaging artists in the world of performance art, Bolin continues to push boundaries by incorporating others into the picture. Last year, the artist enlisted twenty homeless people to feature alongside him in order to raise awareness about the issue of homelessness in his home country.

Liu Bolin was born in 1973 in Shadong, China and studied at the at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Emerging with a number of prominent of artists reacting against China’s Cultural Revolution, Bolin’s work, like many of his contemporaries, engaged with the social concerns and struggles present in his country.

Seeking out global locations to stage his performative installations, Bolin became an internationally recognised artist and his work has been displayed in numerous museums and galleries including The Louvre. In 2013, he delivered a TED talk about the social and political issues his artwork aims to explore which received over one million views, and in 2016, he collaborated with renowned photographer Annie Leibowitz for Moncler’s Spring/Summer campaign shot in Iceland. Bolin has paired up with Ruinart for Art Basel in 2018, where he will display eight fascinating works.